Stars of Brilliance

I sat in a deep lounge with my morning coffee.  The sun sector was always quietest at dawn.  While most slept, I basked in the suns radiance.

“Computer, .03% star power please.”

“Of course, Mark.” She promptly replied.

Like a punch in the face, I got an extra tenth of a percent of the suns rays.  Holding fast at only 30,000,000 miles from her destructive core, small increments were fierce.

Regardless, I took it all in.  Our ship “Constantine” contained special materials to allow the proper viewing of stars.  Without protective gear, we could stare directly at the ominous light with no adverse affects.  Her brilliance gave me a feeling of euphoria.  When the hair stands up in the back of your neck after hearing that “special song”, I could mimic the feeling with this room.

A long sofa lined the viewing panel, with a curved table to match.  This was my solitude.  My time to think.  I could be myself here.  I could remember every detail of my life.  People I missed, things of regret, but also pure unaltered joy.

A soft Ryo Nakamura track played as I drank my final sip of delicious double espresso.  My mind was clear.  I was free.  I was whole.

“Computer, 100% star power please,” I begged.

“Unable to comply.  Requested levels are fatal.”

“Override Jacobs N736-B,” I ordered.

“Code accepted.”

via Daily Prompt: Radiate


4 thoughts on “Stars of Brilliance

  1. | a s h | says:

    Your imagination leaves no stone unturned, does it? All your posts are from such a broad perspective…like how do you manage that? And applause !

    Liked by 3 people

    • Mark Jacobs says:

      I would like to expand on this one more, except I killed the character. Maybe I can work around that. I was a bit rushed for time, but really wanted to get something out. Thanks for your kind comments! 🙂

      Liked by 3 people

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