Calm Before the Storm

I can’t believe how hard it was raining this morning. Even though I took my largest umbrella, it didn’t save my feet from becoming soaked. My new blue suit looked as if it had dark spots all over.

“It will never dry in time for my meeting,” I thought.

Walking down Lincoln Avenue, I tried to put all of that out of my mind. The cobble stone sidewalk and street reminded me of a simpler time. Tall ever greens lined the road and pedestrian walk way. Despite the grey sky, I feel today will be a good day.

Arriving far too early for my appointment, I ducked into Cole’s Books. Mr. Cole was a frail man with meager stature, but wise and intelligent. His store had been in his family for generations, so one could imagine the vast wealth of knowledge that lurked around his brain.

“Good morning, Mr. Cole,” I said, greeting him warmly.
“Frankie! How are you my son?”
“Well, sir, thank you. Just killing some time before my meeting.”
“Very well. Always good to see you – Please ask me if you need anything.”

I took a deep breath, inhaling all the wonderful smells of the old book shop. The paper, the antiquities, even the dust. What is it about quaint book shops that makes us feel better? Rich colours, soft lights, familiar smells – all of it; so good.

As I began running my hand along the spines of the biography section, I heard the sound of planes. Lots of planes.

Mr. Cole and I looked at each other with confusion. We walked outside, me handing my umbrella to Mr. Cole. I, using my hand as a shield, peered into the sky.

“What are those?” Mr. Cole questioned.
“It… it looks like an armada of … no, can’t be.”
“What!” Mr. Cole asked frantically.
“BV 222 Wikings, military transport.”
“I thought those were long retired, even decommissioned?”
“So did I. Get inside, this is going to be bad.”

We must have failed miserably over seas. How could they have gotten here so fast, and in such large numbers? This could only be the beginning. Our Canadian neighbors to the North may be in the same predicament we are. It will take great nations working together to conquer this evil.

The Luftwaffe had entered US airspace.

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