Darkened Skies

The phone range at 9:00PM sharp.

“Is anyone there? Hello?” A voice echoed.

“Umm, yes? This is Vito,” I replied “and you are?”

“Petrol station. The only one in town. Please help me.”

I had no idea who this person was. The voice was faint, frightened, weak. I tried to guess, but it was pointless. I dialled the Sheriff’s office, but there was no answer. I forgot Frank left early on Friday’s to be with his niece and nephew. Still, someone should have been on call.

I didn’t know what to do. Do I leave this individual alone at the gas station? Was it a trap? A prank call? Who would prank me? Hell, who would trap me? I was intrigued and paranoid.

I put down my tea, threw on my boots and scummy work jacket, and jumped in the truck. My mind was racing all the way to “Jim’s Auto”. Was I helping someone, or about to be murdered? Why couldn’t I just sit on my couch and fall asleep like every other Friday?

The road was dark, more dark than normal.  The moon, often bright in the night sky, was trapped by fog.  No water for miles, and no valleys.  Fog? Odd.

I pulled into the only petrol station in our town. A man, about 5’5 and gaunt lay face down, fetal position, facing the pay phone. He had sores in a triangular pattern lining his back.

“Jesus christ buddy, are you okay? What the hell happened to you?” I questioned.

His eyes were wide open, he seemed borderline catatonic. “Bitter cold. Dark. Bitter cold.”

Wrapping him in my jacket, I picked his light, almost child-like body and put him in my back seat.

“We’re going to the hospital.” I told him.

“They’ll get you too. They’ll come for us all.” He started rambling. “You think you are safe? You are not.”

I thought this guy had been severely tortured, and as a result was going to be locked in psych. The shit he was muttering was down right strange, and frightening.

“Cups hook into your back, and you are raised from a warm cocoon into a bed of light. Placed onto a table, they hold you down with wires and fibers. You cannot escape, and screaming does nothing.”

From a guy who seemed catatonic in the eyes, he sure talked. A lot. He couldn’t shut up. He needed to shut up. This was so beyond my civilian duties.

Turning my head backwards towards the rear seats, I shouted “Shut up, right now, or I will dump you on the side of the road. I don’t need this shit from some crack head.”


As I turned my head back towards the open road, a giant flash blinded me. The car began swerving violently, “Hold on!” I beckoned towards my psychotic passenger.

My car busted the safety barrier, barreling out of control.  As suddenly as we were hit by the flash of light, the car stopped. We were suspended mid-air. The car began rotating, with the front dipping down towards the ground. “What the fu…”

Bright lights and sounds started resonating from a tall, angular, humanoid creature. The vegetation flashed in unison with the beings eyes.

“What’s happening!? Get me the fuck out of here!” I proclaimed, desperate for help.

“It’s so cold.  So bitter cold.  You’re too late.”

via Daily Prompt: Bitter


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