Development Sund… Monday

This time change is brutal.  I have an early bird special then its lights out.

I picked up a lot of books this week, but haven’t had much time to read them yet.  Now that I am settled back in North America, I’ve been busy ‘being an adult’.  Nevertheless, I sat down the morning and have been writing most of the day.  Some prompts, some short stories, and some point form ideas.

I decided today is the day I will finish Retribution, and get it online probably around the same time as Frailty (May 3rd).  I’ve had the idea on paper for so long, its time I take the time and pound it out.  Even though I know what I want to write, ever have those days where 3,000 words just seems daunting?

Upon returning home, I picked up one of those latest and greatest smart phones, which is more powerful than my damn computer. I admit, I got sucked into the mobile games for a couple days as I recovered from jet lag.  It was bad though.  I sat in bed for legit 12 hours playing Dungeon Hunter 5.  I think I need to uninstall that bastard…

  • Writing this week, all week (Fuck, I love writing)
  • Reading books
  • Uninstalling crack-like cell phone games
  • Photography

11 thoughts on “Development Sund… Monday

  1. Lisa Ralph, Cries from an unkempt garden says:

    Ha, I wrote in route to my early sleep deprived appt, continued while in route to several errands. I wrote, and was actually in a store as I pushed publish. What the heck would we do without Smart Phones?!? I played Evil Apples with my son for days after he moved out. It is like Cards Against Humanity with a group of people on the phone. Super fun! My mom gave me a laptop, but I find my phone app a tad more user friendly in some areas on Word Press, not all but some. Can’t wait to see what is to come…😀

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