The Man from Beyond

For days we had been running.

Through an endless void of darkness, we ran.  The trees looked like sky scrapers.  There was no moon, no sun, no day light.  This perpetual darkness was our new home.  Where we were, I did not know.  How we got here, I couldn’t remember.

We had been running for 5 cycles. How long a cycle was, we didn’t know.  We tried to base it as close to Earth time as possible, but with no sun, moon, or stars, we couldn’t verify exactly how long it had been.

Every 46 minutes, a being would appear.  Humanoid in stature, elongated and slender.  Standing 7 to 8 feet tall, dressed all in black, and the only visible facial feature was a luminous set of white eyes.

When he appeared, there was a thundering reverberation.  A blast wave knocked you down.  Much like a small sonic boom.  It’s as if his appearance teared rips through space.

Some would cower.  Some would close their eyes.  Some would scatter.

The ones who scattered survived, the ones who fell were left to this “slender man”.

I always looked back to see which ones finally gave in.  Which ones were too exhausted to continue.  Every time it blinked, the trees blinked too.  Vibrant, blinding flashes of light.  Sound resonated from the trees, like electricity striking the ground.  In perfect synchronicity with the tall beings eye lid flicker.

*Vrmph… vrmph vrmph vrmph*

Quick, consecutive “shocks” combined with light rendered the victim helpless.  Now blind and deaf, what could one do but collapse to its will.

Was it communicating? Reading minds? Killing them? – I didn’t want to know.

Nearing day 6, the flashes grew brighter and more frequent.  Forty six minutes came and went as if they were 5.  Something was happening.

My legs were like jello, I hadn’t eaten anything except “mud cakes” (take some mud, mash it in your hand until flat, and run with it till it dries into a cake) for 3 days.

We had to stop, this couldn’t go on.  My friend Jimmy found a small cave, hidden between two trees.  Isolated.

We could wait here, maybe it would pass us by, give up hope and move on. Too tired to think more, I collapsed.

Jimmy awoke first, poking his head from the small, claustrophobic door.

“Jacobs… Jacobs let’s go.”

I was so out of it, I didn’t respond.  My body felt numb.  I was nauseated and beyond fatigued.

“Let’s go!” Jimmy said, kicking me ferociously in the ribs.

I shot awake, grabbing him by his collar, pulling him into my field of vision.

I began blinking rapidly, the trees illuminated with light and the sound of thunder, synced perfectly to my blinks.

The cave shook violently, spilling dirt onto Jimmy’s saturated face.

He pulled him from the cave like a rag doll, and I went to find more of us.

via Daily Prompt: Knackered


11 thoughts on “The Man from Beyond

    • Mark Jacobs says:

      Haven’t thought of one yet, but it would be easy enough. I tend to base my stories obviously around the prompt of the day. So if something comes to me for tomorrows word, maybe I can continue it 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • cornfedcontessa says:

        It most certainly was. It’s really eerie given the same day it happened, our son who is the same age was having a sleepover with his two best friends, the same as these girls. Thank goodness a person was walking their dog and heard the victim’s cries for help. The area she was found is heavily wooded and backs up to a four lane road. Both of these girls appear to have severe mental issues. Even though the were so young when they committed this crime, I do feel they need to be locked up for a long time. This was a well thought out plan. They truly meant to kill their friend. After it happened, I drove down the road where she was found. It gave me goosebumps.


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