The Beast

My mother always tucked me in at night. A soothing comfort for a child feeling long-lost.

The warmth from a candle on my night stand aided in melting away tomorrows fears.

Tonight’s fears, were a different … beast.

Lone branches rapped on my window. The added tapping only bringing more fear to the forefront of my mind. But I had a secret weapon.

The Beast came when mother left the room. I could hear him breathing, his putrid breath and heavy scent lingered above me. Barbed fingers would touch my legs – but I never screamed; it fed on fear.

I pulled my blanket taught over my face and body. No monster with razor-sharp claws could break this impenetrable cotton weave!

“1, 2, 3, you have nothing on me.” I sung over and over.

Curling up in my blanket always kept me safe from the unknown entity piercing through the night. A cold Beast with a heart of stone. If only mother would come back into the room, she could save me. If only the candle was still lit, it would save me. If Ra would rise, he could save me.

Even though The Beast seemed to know my name, I sung my song. With my song sung aloud, I remained strong.

Fighting back only aggravates The Beast.  I lay still, singing my song.  He would soon be gone.

via Daily Prompt: Blanket


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