Why I Write, and Why WordPress

George Orwell most famously wrote his “Why I Write” in 1946.  It is now used in curriculums around the world.  Although I am no George Orwell (and don’t strive to be) I thought I would post my own small snippet of why I chose this hobby.

When I began an actual English class at 13, I never tried.  I enjoyed writing, but I never followed the standard protocol for an essay assignment.  The classic “5 paragraph essay” always bothered me.  Now that I am older, I of course understand why it is the corner-stone for teenage essay development and composition.

Because of my lack of structure, I never got higher than 70% in any writing assignment. I just liked to put my head down, and go.  My teachers always said “your content is great, you make valid arguments with a smattering of examples, but you didn’t follow the instructions.”

I felt like I was losing time constructing a format, or my writing wouldn’t be perceived how I wished it to be.  With the introduction, 3 points, and conclusion,  it created a block in my mind.  I just wanted to write.

Not that I thought I was good, in fact I thought I was terrible.  Even to this day, some 20 odd years later, I still feel inadequate as a writer.  People I don’t even know, well before WordPress, always said the same “Hey, you can write!” – but I never believed them.

The same sentence always bounced around in my mind: “There is no way someone like me could have a way with words, or a concrete idea.”

So, why write?

  • I write because it brings me joy
  • I write because it brings me pleasure
  • I write because it’s therapeutic
  • I write for myself
  • I write because I want to get better

There is always room for improvement, even in a hobby.  I’m always scouring the Reader, and of course devouring books, really looking at the different styles people choose to write in.  The styles that make them comfortable.  The endless stream of ideas people come up with.

To the reader, why do you write? I’d love to hear about it.

Why WordPress?

Over the course of 15 years, I’ve had several blogs.  All personal, across various platforms.  For whatever reason (probably age) I never kept up with them.  I actually moved from wordpress.org to wordpress.com, where most people go to with former.

The community.  WP offers a community like non other, and is a truly unlimited source of reading, interpretation, and feedback.

I enjoy meeting new people here, and seeing the different genres everyone chooses.  A great resource that I’m sure we all take for granted.

I’ve always wrote for myself, it’s one of the reasons I choose to write in the first person style.  That being said, I am humbled that people choose to read, like, or comment on my work.  Whatever feedback you choose to give, whether its a drive-by-like-n-smash, or a full blown comment, I am truly grateful to anyone that has stopped by the Ares landing pad.

I wish you all continued success.

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28 thoughts on “Why I Write, and Why WordPress

  1. Lisa Ralph, Cries from an unkempt garden says:

    I can totally relate. English, as well as creative writing were what I excelled in. Well actually the only thing I excelled in. In middle school, and High School I found it a breeze. My essays, or papers being used as examples of the best. Then though came college classes at 40 years old. Being versed in Apple everything, and the school offering Windows, I was lost. I took all English classes. Essay upon essay(formatting upon formatting). My content never lacked. I had to have my 60 something year old mom help me get everything to their standards. I always felt that the format took away from what I was protraying. What would take 30 minutes to write would take up until the time I had to walk out the door to format. I was an exhausted 40 year old college student. I love your writing, and this post is awesome! Always love to hear firsthand as to why someone writes. The why wordpress was impressive as well. I love it here, but am struggling to once again figure out the whole formatting, and technical lingo behind the making of my blog. I am just old…😌Thanks again, and keep them coming! Have an awesome day!

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  2. Nemo says:

    If you ask me Ares, my first language was not English and frankly I don’t consider myself as writer. I used to write essays in exams or in class itself and got either highest or close to highest in English. My teachers said I write well but frankly I never believed them.
    If you say why I write, it’s simply because I write to express my thoughts. Before this blog I never wrote anywhere. I am an introvert person and writing in social media is not preferred by me. So I write here, where my readers will not only give me likes like in FB but point out my good areas and drawbacks.
    Keep writing 🙂

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  3. Nel says:

    I started writing because my friend and I thought it would be fun. It was supposed to be a type of retail therapy to write about the silly stuff we see during the job but when we actually started it we decided to just write about everyday experiences. Since getting wordpress.org I’ve thought a whole lot about migrating to .com. Was it an easy switch for you? Would you consider going back or sticking to .com?

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    • Ares . Three says:

      I gave up the .org third party stuff many years before I started this blog. I actually haven’t had a proper site in maybe 3 years.

      I came back to wordpress not knowing about the community integration via Reader. They had one before, but I found it a bit sloppy personally. They have revamped it and made it more sociable. Which I love.

      If I bought a domain again, it would be via wp.com – I have no problem with them running my stuff, and the cost is a bit better. You dont have unlimited space like a .org for $5 a month, however.

      One thing I dont like about a domain is I think most of us use adblockers. I have whitelisted wordpress.com but if a person has their own domain, it gets flagged. In order to like, follow, or comment on their work I have to disable it for their page. Takes all of 2 seconds, but still. Therefore, others would have to do that on mine.

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      • Nel says:

        I see. I’ve noticed how sociable it is on the .com side. And really I’m always on the .com side anyway because of Reader and in order to connect with others, you have to. Thank you for all your insight! 🙂

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  4. ceolsigehanna says:

    This is a great post –I think we should all stop and ask ourselves why we’re writing every now and again.

    As for the why WordPress, I agree with all you’ve said. The community here is my favorite I’ve seen on a blogging platform.

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  5. writingmywings says:

    Great post! I can relate to the English class part. I’ve ALWAYS hated the structure! The brainstorming part the paragraphs, I’ve always just like to sit down and go with the flow that’s why most of my writing is better under pressure. I recently joined WordPress – the only blogging platform I have found but I am so happy I did. The community is so welcoming and positive. Everyone just does it for themselves, is not afraid and writes amazing stuff. Again wonderful post. I enjoy reading your stuff ☺️

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  6. Jade says:

    Ugh, teachers. 😛 There should never be structures or rules to writing. Just look at Cormac McCarthy!

    For me, it was Clive Barker who sparked off my interest in telling weird stories. But I write for all the same reasons you do. It really is therapeutic when the day gets tough. Keep writing, and I’ll keep reading!

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  7. sarahvdbblog says:

    I can relate to this. Growing up, I LOVED to write, but I hated the rules. Grammar, punctuation, blah, blah, blah. But I had a burning story knock me over the head in adulthood, and in time I realized that I couldn’t rely on other people to make my writing presentable for me. I had to learn all the things that I barely learned in my youth. Every day, every book, everything I read is now, not just a story, but a lesson in literary architecture. We’re always learning if we try to. 🙂 Thanks for your post.

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  8. abbieleighberman says:

    I too was inspired by George Orwell’s Why i Write. i included it in the beginning of
    this blog i posted last week 😇
    I always excelled in literature classes in high school, but i wanted to work in the medical field. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that i am half-Jewish and all of my family members on that side of my family have selected to become doctors, lawyers, businessmen, etc. i felt like i needed to be ‘as good’ as them. but the world of literature and the release i feel once i write a really important thought down ultimately opened up the idea in my mind that this career/hobby is not only extremely legitimate, but it makes the imagination blossom and self-reflection more common.
    I hope writing keeps inspiring you as much as it does me! You have a very nice blog 💎

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    • Mark Jacobs says:

      Thank you for sharing your version of Why I Write with me 🙂 – Following in the families foot steps definitely comes with its pressures. I hope writing continues to be a passion of yours, and thank you for the wonderful comment.

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