Development Sunday

This week is a continuation of last weeks Development Sunday.  There is a TL;DNR at the bottom for those interested.  Lots going on this week!

I’ve made progress regarding imagery and plot for another short story, Retribution.  I believe I will keep that title, the alternative was “Crusader”.  I think Retribution will have more pull when I begin to write it.

I started writing some prompts earlier this week, that ended up turning into two short stories instead! “Santino’s with a Bed of Roses” will be auto published on the 27th.  “Frailty” will be soon after.

I began experimenting with what works, and what doesn’t work, as far as story development.  Whether it be prompts or short story ideas.  I found I really struggled when staring with a blank page, as most of us do.  More so, the block seemed to come more frequently when using the computer.  I switched to pen and paper, and began throwing random ideas together in point form.  Seeing what I could use, and what was garbage.

Since I started the blog, I have been writing solely on the actual WordPress website, but now I have taken to OSX Notes which I quite prefer.  Actual word documents felt too clumsy, even in a smaller window.  With Notes, I can manage all of my work from a tab, without having to fumble around with a new .docx every time I have an idea on a piece.

When writing prompts, I write down 1 or two words of anything I can think of that may be pertinent to the story.  These little reminders are very helpful as I don’t have to expand on them right at this instant.  For one of my prompts coming up next week (which I prescheduled as I will be travelling) had about 30 words at the top of the document.  Leaving little mental notes where I can scroll up and add to the list, or remember that I wanted to add that in.  It’s been most helpful.

I mentioned in my last post that I would be working on a 3 part series regarding the Alien franchise.  After doing several hours of research, the work I had produced did not impress me.  Moreover, there is a plethora of information the topic already, and because of this I felt like I was simply re-wording everything I read or watched, instead of creating my own theories.  I may work on it again in the future, but for now its on the back burner.

The Artificial Intelligence article will be posted however, I am finishing up some final revisions and should get those parts online shortly.

As I mentioned I will be travelling and away from the internet for 3 days, so I have wrote a couple reviews and a short story, which will be posted on those days.

I started a new section called Foto Friday, where I take one of my favourite photos from over the years and post it every Friday.  This works well in conjunction with the Weekly Photo Challenge from the Daily Post.

  • Short story “Retribution” has imagery and plot set, working on characters
  • Short story “Santino’s with a Bed of Roses” coming on the 27th
  • Another, “Frailty” soon after
  • Found new writing tips that work well for me, making it a lot easier to get words to screen.
  • Alien franchise series got shelved
  • Artificial Intelligence series still a go.  Working on consolidation.
  • Away from WordPress for 3 days due to travel, posts automatically scheduled across those 3 days.
  • New section under Photography called Foto Friday, where every Friday I post one of my favourite shots.

As always I hope you all have an excellent week, and happy blogging.


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