Personal Shopper

Synopsis: Maureen (Kristen Stewart) is a high-class personal shopper for a wealthy entrepreneur named “Krya”.  She lives in France, but often travels to London to purchase lavish items for her employer.  Garments, jewelry, shoes, and accessories where money is no object.   Maureen often pays with a blank check.

After the loss of her brother “Lewis”, Maureen begins to search for answers.  Her brother, like herself, was a medium.  Maureen begins by exploring his old home, waiting months in hopes of making contact with him.

Both Maureen and Lewis firmly believed in a connection to the spirit world; that there is a place we go between life and death.  A world on top of our own.

Maureen begins to receive messages on her phone from an “Unknown” number, who psychologically torments her.

Outlook:  Throughout the film, director Olivier Assayas uses lighting and cinematography to tell the story, just as much as the actors read their lines.  We are presented with a fade to black several times, signifying new chapters and developments within the plot.

As the film progresses, Maureen’s character begins to show her true colours.  Perhaps realizing guilt is whats holding her back about Lewis’ death.  She begins playing with “forbidden” tasks, such as trying on Kyra’s clothes and accessories.  Perhaps a way of finding herself, or just rebelling against an employer who she hates.

Maureen begins to feel the affect of her brothers death more and more, combined with the psychological torment of the “Unknown” caller.

Personal Shopper has an ominous feeling throughout, leaving you looking over your shoulder, as if someone is watching you.

I admit, I was often wondering what was happening, or how does this connect with the plot, but like any good thriller, all is revealed.


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