Foto Friday: Fractured Dawn

Want the original? No problem!

The one good thing, well, really the only good thing about insomnia is you are forced to see the sunrise every morning.



12 thoughts on “Foto Friday: Fractured Dawn

  1. Lisa Ralph, Cries from an unkempt garden says:

    Beautiful, I have an obsession of sorts with the sky. My photo library has countless skylines of every kind. I have find them metrophicaly symbolic of my life. I use them in my own blog, with a caption for each one. I never new the need for my countless snaps at the sky at any given time, until my blog came into play. Thank you for sharing, your blog is different. A breath of fresh air in my reads!

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  2. Winta Le says:

    Not being able to sleep is the worst! I don’t have a problem with sleeping at night, but once I wake up at any point of the night, it is impossible to go back to sleep (is there a word for that condition?). Sleepless me is bad me. Beautiful sunrise though! I bet it’s an excellent time to write. πŸ™‚

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    • Ares . Three says:

      I personally find it a horrible time to write, as I haven’t had enough sleep. Eyes burn, head feels a hundred pounds. I usually try and read a bit and go back to bed for another couple of hours. Sometimes it works.

      Then I write when I wake up, with a much clearer head and a cup of coffee πŸ™‚

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