Lonely Girl

I stood in front of the house, with its weathered blue paint and shattered windows.  Derelict and forgotten.  The old wainscoting hung loosely in place, a slight breeze could bring it down.  No chimney, which I thought was odd.

There were no roads, no trees, no grass, no walk way to the front door, and no clouds in the sky.  The beaten house stood alone on the drifting white sand.

I stood confused.  I looked left, I looked right, nothing.  A quick 360 of my surroundings rendered complete nothingness.  Just this shattered remnants of a home.

My head hurt.

Sounds were resonating from inside the forgotten structure.  Beeps and what sounded like a car alarm.  Infuriating.

How did I get here? What was this place? Is this some ridiculous metaphor for my life?

The closer I approached the aging front door, the louder the sounds became.

My head hurt.

Something was calling me from inside.  I had to see who it was, but my head…

Thrown to my knees, I crawled feverishly up the front steps.  Pulling myself forward “3 more, come on!” I uttered.  “2… 1…”

Pushing open the door, I was smacked by a bright light, completely encompassing my vision.

“Okay good, come back to us now. Look at my light, keep looking at my light.” A stocky figure motioned.

“Dr. Hamilton can you come review this patient’s chart please, another one from The Flamingo.”

“An ingestion?” Hamilton asked.

“Third time this week.  Get the cops down here, pretty sure it’s that crazy guy who hangs out at Westend Tower.

via Daily Prompt: Spike


27 thoughts on “Lonely Girl

    • Ares . Three says:

      Yea, I don’t have any prompts or stories on ‘stand by’ to just copy and paste when the Daily Prompt comes up. So whatever the word is, I usually mull over some ideas. I was sort of lost on this one. I had some ideas around a dog, a boy and his bear, but nothing was panning out. Then I remembered spike and is spiked drinks, and took it from there. I usually write a couple words at a time, bullet points even. And build on it. A 2 minute read sometimes takes me over an hour, but its great practice.

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