Jolt! Cola

I arrived to the venue early, as I always do.  My manager said the promoters would be outside, ready to open the doors as I showed up.  The worn brick building looked like all the other places I had seen.  Spray painted and derelict.

A reinforced bar ceiling that did nothing to protect us from the elements, the grimy smell that came from the sewer nearby, and wet.  Always wet.  But it has to be here.  We had to stay well clear of town, in case the police came around.

The trip was 30 hours door to door, with a 6 hour lay over in Frankfurt.  The last thing I needed was two knuckle heads showing up late.

It’s 1995, and the underground rave scene was in full swing.  I was making more money now than I ever did at my boring 9-5, and I was in love with the world again.

As I suspected, with zero concept of time, these two chav-looking skeletons show up.  Unprofessional as hell.  Sure, it may make me sound like a pompous snob but if you book me, I show up when I’m asked, ready to do the job.  I like to party too, you know.

The venue was as clean as one could expect, but I was bagged.  I can’t sleep the night before an international flight, so I was pushing 48 hours with no sleep.

Then I remembered, in one of these speaker cases I had smuggled over some “Jolt!”

What’s this? 8000% my daily Vitamin B in take? Who needs fruit!? 400mg of caffeine per can? Yup, right here please! This is the nectar of the Gods.  Zeus’ power radiates through me.

“Common lads, it’s goin’ off!” I bawled.

The night kicked off at 11:00PM, and I hardly felt tired anymore.  The lights were perfectly timed with the music.  I could feel the bass in my chest.  Yea, I knew I was high.  A side affect of from the Vitamin B.  But the last thing I wanted was a soft bed.  The night was young, I was being paid to do what I love, and I felt alive.

Although, my left arm was tingling, and it hurt like a son of a bitch …

Jolt Cola paved the way for the energy drink market from 1985, to 2009.  Unfortunately, a business dispute with their distributor turned sour, and they filed for Chapter 11 (bankruptcy).

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