Development Sunday

My drafts folder grows ever larger with ideas, but I find myself stopping on one project, and beginning another.  Nothing wrong with that, my train of thought was clearly lost on the former so may as well hash out some new stuff.

Mini Series

“Artificial Intelligence – Where Are We Heading?” will have 2, maybe 3 parts.  It is already 90% done and quite lengthy (haven’t split the parts yet). Posted under Articles.

“Alien (franchise)” will have 3 parts. Posted as a Review.

I’m quite excited about doing the research and writing a mini series.  My family and I get into lengthy discussions over AI, as we find the whole premise fascinating.

“Alien” has a special place in my heart as the first film that made me fall in love with science fiction.  The whole franchise only gets better with time.  Yes, Prometheus included.  More on that later, obviously.


I find prompts the perfect challenge.  You can write about anything you choose with the given subject.  I love the freedom, and the practice.  I always wake up energetic (I lied, I need 9 pots of green tea to get going) to see what today’s prompt will be.

Short Stories

I’m also finishing a read through on my first short story, “Skyward Field”.  After reading countless posts by other readers, I am getting more inspired to simply mash the “Publish” button.  I know I’ve already spent too long on it, and it’s time to move on to the next idea.  I am doing it simply for pleasure and practice, after all.  Not a writing contest.

My second short story is entitled “Retribution” and so far, I only have a setting setup and an opening scene.  Still discovering the plot.


This week, and for the next few consecutive weeks, I am reading the uncut edition of Stephen King’s classic “The Stand”.  King said that in 1978, when “The Stand” was published, it was cut of 150,000 words at the publishers request.  King has since re-released the full book, as it was intended.

Also I am finishing, is “Echo Vol.1 ” by Kent “Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha” Wayne.

As always, more movie and book reviews on the way.  For every book I read, 3 seem to take its place.  I can’t keep up.  In fact, I just mashed “Check Out” on Amazon for another bundle.


I’m playing with the theme this week, seeing if I can condense my pages into a more organized fashion.

And of course, I hope all have a Happy Easter.

Featured image courtesy of Raf Garcia


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