Writers Block – A 3AM Cure?

Lately I’ve been writing more.  Or at least, wanting to.  I’ve been wanting to share more, receive feedback, engage more in the WP community.  The work has yet to appear here, but my Drafts folder reads 9.  Some are topics of discussion where I want to make sure not only my words are correct, but the research.

A few are writing topics such as prompts or short stories.  Ideas I’ve had but been so anxious about putting out there.  Many people here have kindly said “the best way to get better, is to keep writing.  Every day, take a small portion of your day and get something down.” Makes sense.  After all, practice makes perfect.

Last night, I couldn’t sleep.  I loaded up one of my drafts and began exploring the story from a different perspective.  A style I’ve never thought about using before.  I wrote till 4:00AM.  Little over an hour.  A quick proof read, and I quite like what I produced.

I had been sitting on this topic for days, staring at a blank slate.  Could sitting in the dark with an over active mind be my key to breaking the cycle? It’s too early to tell, but I am excited about the prospect.


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