Black Mirror: San Junipero

Synopsis: The year is 1987, and San Junipero is a blossoming party town.  Lavish night clubs, beautiful beaches, and city lights.  It is here we follow Yorkie, a young woman visiting San Junipero.  Yorkie, being naturally shy, is unsure what to make of this posh city.  She meets a regular named Kelly, and they begin to fall in love, and share the city of San Junipero together.

But is it all too good to be true?

WARNING: Spoilers ahead …

Outlook: Black Mirror, once again, showing its true Sci Fi form with this “Total Recall”-esque feel.  I didn’t know what to make of this episode on my initial viewing.  Half way through, I paused and made some food, thinking I would come back to it later.  What made me come back, was actually how well the director and cinematographer put everything together.  The sets, the music, the lights – it was surreal.  Because it had to be.

San Junipero is really the predecessor to a “Dyson Sphere“.  What if when we die, we can choose whether we continue to thrive for eternity in a world created just for us, or truly die and let the sea of blackness wash over us.  This is eerily close to the other episode which I wrote about, Playtest.  We, as human beings, are ever searching for the answers to an afterlife, now more than ever thanks to advancements in technology.  Hell, you and I could even be in a Dyson Sphere right now, we have no way to prove we are not.  This is the only reality we know.  Strange thought, yes?

The world of San Junipero exists in the cloud, to which that would prove complicated for the thousands of residents.  We are not told what safeguards are used, so really, every day in blissful Junipero could be your last.  That is left for the viewer to decide.  Perhaps a more broad thesis could be explored.

San Junipero was praised not only for its writing, but it has an ending that is far brighter than other episodes of Black Mirror.  Personally, I prefer the darker side of the series, but to each their own.


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