Andy Weir’s “The Martian”

Synopsis: The year is 2035.  The Ares 3 crew has descended on Mars.  Six days into their planned mission, a storm causes an immediate evac.  Mark Watney, an American astronaut, has become stranded on Mars.  Watney, a botanist and mechanical engineer, must come up with intriguing ways to survive.

Outlook: The Martian came highly recommended by Reddit.  Both from the subs /r/scifi and especially /r/books.  The plot seemed something that not only I would be interested in, but easy enough to follow.  My favorite movie genre is Sci Fi, but not so much when it comes to novels.  Nevertheless, I was instantly taken in by the sample Amazon provided, and bought it with next day shipping.

Weir wrote the novel from several different viewpoints.  This was a great way to read the novel, as it appeals most to my style of writing.  In a sense, we are reading Weir’s book from a first person point of view.  We are taken on a journey from the ground crew at NASA, from the still travelling survivors of Ares 3, and from of course Watney himself.

Weir went the extra mile, to make sure all the science brought forth by the novel was sound.  All of Watney’s inventions for survival, are completely plausible.  After all, it is a key piece of the novel.

Weir includes maps throughout the book, to help the reader better understand where Watney is, and where he plans to go, and how he gets there.  We get to see Watney’s uncanny ability to make something, out of nothing.

I have read this book three times since its release, and seen the movie twice.  The movie left nothing out of the book, which is not only rare but was a treat to watch.  To this day, it remains one of Amazon’s top sellers.

Watney’s character contains a lot of humor, which Matt Damon brings to life in the film adaptation of the movie.

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2 thoughts on “Andy Weir’s “The Martian”

  1. smananthamarie says:

    I haven’t seen the film adaptation, but I LOVED the book! I didn’t think I would, because as far as science type books go, they really aren’t my scene. This one, blew me out of the water. I loved the voice and read it in one sitting. I HAD to know how things turned out. I’m a little afraid to watch the movie because I loved the book so much!

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