George Orwell’s “1984”

Synopsis: Orwell’s look into a dystopian dictatorship has long been praised of some of his best work.  It opens the reader’s mind to the extreme of absolute power corrupting absolutely.  That is, if you choose to accept “Big Brother” as a single entity.  That is of course the reader’s choice, and dilemma.

1984 takes place in what was formerly known as Great Britain, and a government body that uses “Thought Police” to track and target individuals who think for themselves.  This superstate is controlled by the “Inner Party” whose jurisdiction has no bounds, and no one is above them.

The book follows the story of Winston, an older gentlemen whose ailments are the bane of his existence, besides the ever-looming “Big Brother”.  His daily life always being washed away with gin, until he meets a woman named Julia.  Winston must make several life altering choices in life; for better or worse?

Outlook: Since the election of a new President of the United States, Amazon’s best seller has been George Orwell’s “1984”.  Even outside of the US.

For me, Orwell has a very unique way of writing that I seldom see in other authors.  He can paint an image in your mind that sticks with you for days after reading the chapter, without using more adjectives than gum balls in a gum ball machine.  The world created by “Big Brother” and the “Inner Party” is truly terrifying.  Not just the fact that you lose complete control of your life, and you become a number, but what lengths they go to in order to keep control of their superstate.

Reading this book, the more I went along the more horrified I became at the thought.  What if an uprising simply failed, or what if the people accepted it at first, only to regret it later? When nothing could possibly be done? This is often compared to the rise of the Nazi Party, but Orwell takes it to such a level that is really hard to comprehend in our society today.

Never the less, this book will open your eyes and if you didn’t at least think about questioning things; you may start.

The novel does not read like a political thriller, so if politics are not your thing (like me) do not worry, it is still an adventure and one that I will read again in the future.

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One thought on “George Orwell’s “1984”

  1. NewMoonPlan says:

    I’ve heard a lot about this book but never actually read it myself. People say that there are a lot of similarities between the story and today’s society, too. I just think the more we focus on something the more we begin to see it in our world. The mind is a tricky tool, maybe we bring about our doom by imagining the worst of the worst.

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